What Is a Glass Ceiling in the Workplace?

A glass ceiling is a way of describing limits put upon certain people in a workplace. For example, historically, women in the workforce dealt with “glass ceilings” in many male-dominated industries, such as finance, manufacturing, and health care. They were unable to be promoted to higher positions.

Indicators of workplace glass ceilings can be very obvious as well as subtle. For example, an employer may continuously promote white males to all executive positions, while women might be lower-level team leaders.

Most companies are required to have a discrimination reporting system available to employees. The system should be a first line of defense for workers who believe they are experiencing glass ceilings. It is very important to follow an employer’s discrimination reporting protocol. Not only does it make moving forward easier for them, but it also creates a timeline. In some circumstances, reporting discrimination causes the employer to take swift action and make widespread changes to avoid litigation.

If you feel that your allegations have been ignored, you should turn to the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). The EEOC has been set up to help workers. If the EEOC investigates your claim and feels that the complaint has merit, they may file a suit against the employer on your behalf. In some cases, the EEOC will send you letter.

The letter gives you the right to sue, which is when you may want to retain a lawyer. You can contact a lawyer at any time. You do not need to wait to hear back from the EEOC in order to consult with a lawyer about your claim.

Burden of Proof

One of the toughest aspects of any lawsuit is proving what occurred. Plaintiffs in glass ceiling lawsuits have the burden of proof to support their allegations, which can be difficult. Despite these hurdles, supporting evidence can likely be found and used. Emails, performance reviews, texts, and other written items can be helpful. Supportive statements from coworkers, clients, and third parties who witnessed the discrimination can help as well.

There are never any guarantees in a legal situation, but a winning outcome can make a company better and help all workers.

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