Protecting Workers From Illegal Wage And Hour Practices

All too often, employers who require employees to work long hours refuse to pay overtime as required by the law. In situations like this, it is important to seek the advice of an experienced lawyer, who can explain your rights and options.

I am Mount Laurel wage and hour attorney Leo B. Dubler, III. At my firm, The Law Office of Leo B. Dubler, III, LLC, I represent clients throughout Southern New Jersey who have wage and hour and overtime claims.

What Is A Wage And Hour Claim?

Under federal law, many employees, including salaried employees, are entitled to collect time and a half when they work over 40 hours in a given work week. In addition, New Jersey law offers protections beyond getting paid overtime, including requiring employers to pay employees their full paycheck on-time. If an employer violates any of these laws, employees may have a wage and hour claim. You may have a wage and hour claim if your employer:

- Failed to pay you overtime

- Failed to pay you a minimum wage

- Failed to pay you for all of your hours worked

- Failed to pay you a prevailing wage

- Made you skip breaks without getting paid

- Made you participate in illegal tip pooling

- Didn't compensate you for time you work off site

- Didn't compensate you for necessary preparations

At my firm, I take the time to get to know each one of my clients to better ensure that we have explored every avenue to achieve justice on their behalf and get them the compensation they deserve. I strive to provide compassionate, personalized service based on each one of my client's needs.

Advocating For Workers

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