Do I Forfeit My Bonus if I Leave My Job?

In 2021, the nation had more than 9 million unfilled positions , as many workers resigned by the end of the year. The reasons for leaving a job could be many, including seeking new career opportunities. No matter your reason, resigning from your current job might raise an important question regarding a potential bonus. Many employers reward workers with bonus pay. If you resign, you might wonder if you have the right to collect at least some of the bonus,[…] Read More

What Laws Protect LGBT Workers? 

Discrimination is prejudice or illegal treatment directed toward people based on their protected class. Discrimination is also perpetually changing, following shifts in culture and societal norms.  People who perhaps frequently experience discrimination in the workplace these days are those who belong to the LGBT community. With more people openly identifying as a member of the LGBT community, LGBT discrimination at work has become a serious issue that deserves attention.  All employees in the workforce deserve to be judged or evaluated[…] Read More

What Is a Glass Ceiling in the Workplace?

A glass ceiling is a way of describing limits put upon certain people in a workplace. For example, historically, women in the workforce dealt with “glass ceilings” in many male-dominated industries, such as finance, manufacturing, and health care. They were unable to be promoted to higher positions. Indicators of workplace glass ceilings can be very obvious as well as subtle. For example, an employer may continuously promote white males to all executive positions, while women might be lower-level team leaders.[…] Read More

Are Workers in the Service Industry More Vulnerable to Sexual Harassment?

In many cases, sexual harassment involves a power imbalance. This is especially evident in the service industry. The nature of the service industry puts workers in a deferential position that strips them of power. The power imbalance between a waitress and customer, for example, can make the waitress feel the need to endure mistreatment to keep the customer happy, especially if her income is dependent on tips. Service workers in retail and hospitality often find the same dynamics at play.[…] Read More

Can I Be Fired Because of My Stutter?

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) became law in 1990. It prohibits disability discrimination in employment, education, transportation, and public and private spaces. The law was designed to ensure that people with disabilities have the same rights and opportunities as those without disabilities. ADA laws also protect a person who is perceived as having a disability. In 2008, the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act (ADAAA) was signed into law and effective on January 1, 2009. The amendments made significant[…] Read More