What is National Origin Discrimination?

National origin discrimination in employment is an illegal practice whereby an employer makes employment decisions related to hiring, firing, raises, advancement opportunities, or any other employment status, compensation, or benefit of employment based on the country or geographic area from which the applicant or employee came. The discriminatory foundation for these decisions might be based on mistaken information, such as a belief that a person hails from an undesirable part of the world, even if that is not the case.[…] Read More

Is It Difficult to Prove Age Discrimination?

Age discrimination or ageism is the unfair treatment of someone based on the person’s age. Age discrimination becomes a workplace issue when employees are unable to thrive in their work environment because of the prejudice of those around them. Although there are state and federal laws created to protect employees against these inequities, the claims process can still be quite difficult. The evidence must show that the unfavorable treatment specifically occurred because of the client’s age. When facing age discrimination[…] Read More

What are Signs of Pregnancy Discrimination at Work?

Expecting mothers must do a lot of preparation, but nothing can prepare them for pregnancy discrimination in the workplace.  This type of discrimination occurs when a worker is adversely affected based solely on the condition of their pregnancy, intention to be pregnant, or any health issues before or after their pregnancy.  Congress added a Pregnancy Discrimination Act to the Civil Rights Act of 1964, giving pregnant people protection from discriminatory acts, and pregnant employees should be treated the same as[…] Read More

What Should I Do if I am Being Sexually Harassed by My Boss?

The #MeToo movement has brought into the light instances of sexual harassment in the workplace, notably involving names in the news. Should a victim resort to social media sites to respond to sexual harassment by their boss? Or are there other options? In fact, there are other paths to follow to report and address this form of harassment. Unfortunately, in a 2015 survey, only one of three women reported workplace sexual harassment and some 70 percent of all victims made[…] Read More

Do I Need a Lawyer before Signing an Arbitration Agreement?

Arbitration is an alternative dispute resolution technique used by employers looking to avoid going through litigation. Employees who sign arbitration agreements relinquish their ability to sue for wrongful termination, breach of contract, discrimination, or harassment. Disputes will be settled through the arbitration process by an elected party. Agreements are signed when someone starts a position; therefore, they are signing away their rights before they know their work environment. Employers can fire someone or choose not to hire them for refusing[…] Read More