FMLA FAQs: What You Should Know?

Navigating the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) can be daunting. If you are a worker in New Jersey wrestling with questions about your rights under FMLA, this blog is for you. The world of employment law can be complex, but help is here. What Is the FMLA? FMLA is a federal law that grants eligible employees the right to take unpaid, job-protected leave for specified family and medical reasons. One must understand it is an employee’s shield, ensuring that[…] Read More

What Is Mental Health Discrimination in the Workplace?

In the modern workplace, mental health has become a crucial concern. Yet, despite increased awareness, mental health discrimination continues to be a pervasive issue. Mental health discrimination refers to the unfair treatment of individuals based on their mental health condition. It is when an employer treats an employee or job applicant less favorably because of their mental illness, perceived mental illness, or history of mental illness. Mental health discrimination can manifest in various ways. Here are several types: Examples of[…] Read More

Navigating Religious Beliefs in the Workplace

In New Jersey, diverse religious practices are as common as they are varied. However, when these practices spill over into the workplace, it can become a complex terrain. Recognizing discrimination when it happens, understanding your rights, and knowing how to enforce them are crucial to fostering a respectful work environment. What Is Workplace Religious Discrimination? Workplace religious discrimination occurs when an employee or potential employee is treated unfavorably because of religious beliefs. Discrimination can range from overt acts to subtle[…] Read More

What Is Workplace Retaliation?

In the bustling, fast-paced world of employment, conflicts can arise that put workers in challenging situations. One such conflict is workplace retaliation, a term you might have heard but may not fully understand. Workplace retaliation occurs when an employer punishes an employee for engaging in legally protected activity. This punishment can manifest in various forms, including termination, demotion, salary reduction, or any other adverse employment action. The “legally protected activity” can range from filing a complaint about discrimination or harassment[…] Read More

What Are Common Ways Employers Take Advantage of Employees?

In today’s dynamic work environment, being aware of your rights as an employee is crucial. Unfortunately, instances where employers take advantage of their employees are not uncommon. Unpaid Overtime Employers often require employees to work beyond their scheduled hours without appropriate compensation. This violates wage and hour laws, specifically the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). If you find yourself in this situation, it is advisable to document your overtime hours and consult with an employment attorney. For instance, consider a[…] Read More