Why Does Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Look Different During the Pandemic?

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic of 2020 has lasted into 2021 and caused many states and even entire nations to endure full lockdowns. That means many people who formerly communicated in person or over a company phone have been getting work done remotely. Remote work and remote communications have led to sexual harassment occurring remotely rather than in person. That has many employment lawyers reviewing complaints from clients that are significantly different than during non-pandemic years. Apparent Rise in Virtual Sexual[…] Read More

When Should I Speak to an Employment Lawyer?

When a person believes that they have been wrongfully terminated from their job or they are being held back because of their race, gender, or other non-work-related issue, a qualified lawyer specializing in employment law can help. They will represent the wronged party in any matter going forward. Just because a person hires a lawyer, it does not automatically mean that a lawsuit is inevitable. A lawyer can help file a formal complaint with the company or with an outside[…] Read More

What Should I Do if I am Afraid to Tell My Boss I am Pregnant?

A recent study shows that nearly a quarter of working women would feel nervous to tell their boss they are pregnant. The same research shows that almost 80 percent of female workers with children believe they must do more to climb the corporate ladder. These statistics are sobering, considering there are federal and state laws against gender discrimination in the workplace. Pregnant workers also are protected under the law. The Pregnancy Discrimination Act (PDA) of 1978 is a federal law[…] Read More

Are Asian Americans Experiencing More Workplace Discrimination Amid the Pandemic?

The ongoing Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has created endless physical, mental, and social woes around the world, and by its very nature, it has separated human beings from one another. When so much goes wrong, people often look for a scapegoat, or an entity to blame. Unfortunately, Asian Americans are experiencing this, regardless of what country their family originated from on that massive continent of 48 nations, owing to the COVID-19 virus that originated out of Wuhan, China. This flawed view[…] Read More

What Should I Do if I am Encountering Workplace Retaliation?

In the United States, there are certain rights individuals have secured via the Constitution. These include the right to exercise free speech at a protest rally; practice a particular religion; and love a certain person, regardless of  gender, sexual identity, or the color of their skin. But there are many workplace injustices that are harder to identify than the obvious ones of racism and religious bigotry. Since almost every American needs their job just to pay the bills and eat,[…] Read More