Is There an Age Gap in the Workplace?

Most workplaces are a mix of people with different personalities, professional strengths, and career and life experiences. Many workplaces also have workers from a variety of generations working together. Older and younger employees working together can be good for business, but it also has the potential to cause problems when co-workers from different backgrounds do not see things eye to eye. In business settings that involve teams of workers from different generations, the resulting age gap can become a problem[…] Read More

What Are the Legal Rights of a Job Applicant?

When looking for a job, applicants may believe they are at the mercy of the hiring decision makers. Prospective employees often bend over backwards to make a good impression, sometimes even enduring treatment that seems inappropriate or demeaning. The power imbalance can feel very real, but there are laws that aim to protect applicants from such unfair treatment. The law offers protections for job applicants under the direction of the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination (NJLAD) and the Equal Employment[…] Read More

How Can Deaf Job Applicants and Employees Fight Discrimination?

Deaf and hard of hearing workers constitute one of many classes of workers that are protected by anti-discrimination rules established under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The legislation ensures the civil rights of Americans regardless of their disability. The purpose of the ADA is to allow people with disabilities to be able to participate in society without restrictions imposed on their rights because of their disabled status. Although the ADA does not list all specific impairments covered by the[…] Read More

Can Halloween Parties Lead to Sexual Harassment Claims?

Halloween is supposed to be all in good fun, but it is not always fun for everyone. Although the idea for an employer-sponsored Halloween party may be born out of a desire to create a workplace community or to encourage teambuilding among colleagues, the sentiment has the potential to backfire. Unfortunately, some workers may have religious or moral objections to celebrating the holiday; others may become offended by a co-worker’s ill-conceived costume; and still others may be made to feel[…] Read More

Are Hotel Workers Especially Vulnerable to Sexual Harassment?

Among employees in the United States, service workers are at particular risk of sexual harassment in the workplace. Hotel workers such as housekeepers, waitresses, bartenders, and others who deal with guests are susceptible to inappropriate comments and attention from patrons of the establishment. Owing to the secluded nature of their work, housekeepers in particular are vulnerable to being approached inappropriately by guests in hotel rooms. Inappropriate Interactions Hotel Housekeepers Experience at Work A survey of the hotel industry reported that[…] Read More