Do I Need a Witness for My Sexual Harassment Case?

Sexual harassment in the workplace remains a significant societal problem in the 21st century despite decades of progress and strengthened worker protections. For anyone who has been the subject of illegal sexual harassment, there are a myriad of questions and fears about taking legal action. A common question is whether witnesses are necessary in proving a sexual harassment claim. Although you do not need witnesses to prove your claim, there are things to keep in mind when an employee has[…] Read More

Signs of a Hostile Work Environment

Employees have a right to work without fear of discrimination. Employers have a duty to maintain a workplace where all employees are treated fairly and with dignity in an environment free of bigoted intolerance.  If an employee feels physically threatened in their workplace, they are working in an environment that is hostile, but the legal classification of a hostile work environment is complicated. Defining a Hostile Work Environment Legally speaking, a hostile work environment is present when an employee is[…] Read More

Am I a Victim of Age Discrimination?

What Is Age Discrimination? Aging is a natural part of life that many people celebrate. However, not everyone who grows older feels like they are being respected. Sometimes, job seekers or employees feel as though they are being treated unfairly because of their age. In other words, they worry they are victims of age discrimination. Typically, age discrimination happens when a job candidate or worker loses opportunities or their livelihood solely because of their age. For instance, a startup company[…] Read More

Is there a Difference between FMLA and NJFLA?

The federal Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and the New Jersey Family Leave Act (NJFLA) are laws that provide protection to employees who need to take unpaid family leave without fear of losing their jobs. There are certain requirements for eligibility under both the federal and state laws. Eligible employees who have been unfairly denied family leave have the right to sue their employer for compliance and possible compensation. Federal Family Medical Leave Act The federal Family Medical Leave Act[…] Read More

Denying Paid Leave for Religious Holidays

For some individuals, practicing their religious faith can cause conflicts with their work schedule. To observe certain religious holidays or a weekly Sabbath day, a worker may need to request a day off from work or otherwise modify their work schedule. Some employees are denied paid leave in these circumstances. Reasonable Accommodations Both federal and state anti-discrimination laws, including the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination, prohibit discrimination on the basis of one’s religion. Under these statutes, employers must make “reasonable”[…] Read More