What Counts as Wage Theft in New Jersey?

Wage theft is an alarming issue that affects countless employees, often unbeknownst to them. It involves the exploitation of workers through the denial of wages or benefits rightfully owed to them. In New Jersey, various actions may constitute wage theft. Wage theft is not merely about employers failing to pay their employees. It encompasses a broad array of actions where an employer intentionally underpays an employee or fails to pay overtime, among other unscrupulous practices. The key element is intent—the[…] Read More

Can I Be Fired for Reporting Sexual Harassment?

The workplace should be a safe environment where all workers are treated with dignity and respect. Unfortunately, sexual harassment can occur, turning the workplace into a hostile environment. If you are a worker in New Jersey who has been terminated for reporting sexual harassment, it is crucial to understand your rights. Sexual harassment in the workplace refers to any unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, or other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature that interferes with an[…] Read More

Do I Have to Disclose My Past Income When Applying for a New Job?

The job application process can be daunting, filled with questions and uncertainties. One of the most common questions that many job applicants in New Jersey grapple with is whether they need to disclose their past income when applying for new jobs. In 2020, New Jersey passed a law prohibiting employers from screening job applicants based on their prior salary history. It also restricts them from requiring a job applicant’s salary history to satisfy any minimum or maximum threshold. This law[…] Read More

What Are the Effects of Gender Discrimination?

The workplace should be a place where every individual, regardless of their gender, feels valued, respected, and treated equitably. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Gender discrimination at work is a pervasive issue that affects not only the individuals involved but also the company as a whole. Gender discrimination at work refers to treating an employee unfavorably because of their sex or because they do not conform to traditional gender roles. It encompasses a broad range of behaviors and[…] Read More

If I Get Laid Off, Can I Get a Severance Package?

Navigating the employment landscape can be challenging, especially when you face unexpected circumstances like layoffs. If you are an employee in New Jersey and have recently been laid off, understanding your rights to severance packages can provide comfort and financial stability during this difficult time. Effective in 2023, a new law has been enacted in New Jersey that entitles certain employees who lose their jobs to severance pay. However, it is essential to note that this law does not apply[…] Read More