How Should Employees Fight Wage Theft?

When an employer fails to pay their employee the total amount they earned, this is called wage theft. Unfortunately, wage theft is a prevalent problem in the United States and can financially harm an employee. Many employers commit wage theft for a long time before being caught. Employees who realize they are not getting paid the amount they legally deserve should talk to a lawyer to explore their legal options and recover their entitled payment. Wage theft can manifest itself[…] Read More

How can Employees Prove Discrimination at Work?

Proving discrimination at work can be difficult, especially if an employer denies a discrimination case or if the evidence is not strong enough to make a valid complaint. Employment discrimination is, unfortunately, very common and many workers get mistreated by their co-workers and employers regularly while at work. For those who experienced discrimination, there are a few steps to take to prove a case. Discrimination occurs when a worker is treated differently or less favorably than other employees. Employment discrimination[…] Read More

Should Employers Notify Staff When Workers Test Positive for COVID-19?

With more COVID-19 cases being reported every day, one might think that employers would be required to let employees know when their employees test positive. This is not necessarily the case since there are no universal guidelines in place. While employers must let employees know if they were exposed to a colleague who tested positive, both sides may be at a loss when it comes to getting the right information. What Does My Company Need to Do? According to the[…] Read More

Can Employers Retaliate Against Whistleblowers?

Even though whistleblowing is often reported in the news, it is not always easy to understand what happens to the actual whistleblower. Many employees may fear whistleblowing because they do not know what position they will be in after they speak out. Today, there are more whistleblowers than ever due to the #MeToo movement. Employees became more willing to report what they saw. Harvard Business Review stated that whistleblowers are crucial to keeping firms healthy, since they can make companies and[…] Read More

What Happens to My Unused Vacation Time?

Employers are required to satisfy several laws regarding their employees on a variety of issues. Examples include paying fair wages, meeting safety and health codes, and providing a workplace free from discrimination. Yet, there is no federal law mandating employers provide their employees with paid vacation time or entitlement to the cash value of unused leave. This issue arises when an employee quits, is laid off, or is terminated. Lately, this issue may also arise due to the COVID-19 pandemic,[…] Read More