What Is Marital Discrimination in the Workplace?

Employees and job applicants still face discrimination often, despite some positive changes over the past decades. One of the less-talked-about kinds is marital discrimination in the workplace. This is when the reason for the unfair treatment is based on marital or familial status. It can overlap with other protected categories like pregnancy, gender, religion, and race. Here is what you need to know about workplace marital discrimination. This type of discrimination can happen to applicants and employees who are single[…] Read More

Can Veterans Be Discriminated in the Workplace?

As veterans transition from military to civilian life, they may encounter various challenges related to employment. Despite federal and state laws prohibiting workplace discrimination, some veterans may still face unfair treatment based on their military service. This underscores the importance of understanding and respecting veterans’ rights in the workplace. While this can be an unfortunate situation, there are legal options that may be of help. Employers are prohibited from discriminating against veterans under several federal laws, including the Uniformed Services[…] Read More

What Is Union Affiliation Discrimination?

Union affiliation discrimination is a form of bias when an employer discriminates against employees or job applicants based on their association with a labor union or their exercise of rights under labor laws. This type of discrimination can range from subtle biases during the hiring process to overt acts of retaliation against employees engaged in union activities. ¬† Common examples of union affiliation discrimination include: Protection Against Union Affiliation Discrimination Federal labor laws protect employees against union affiliation discrimination, ensuring[…] Read More

Should I Stay at My Job After Whistleblowing?

Whistleblowing¬†represents a courageous act of transparency and accountability. It involves reporting illegal or unethical activities within an organization. This decision, however, can bring about a complex mix of professional and personal dilemmas. One of the most pressing concerns for whistleblowers is whether to continue working in their current position. This blog explores the factors to consider in making this critical decision and offers guidance on navigating the aftermath of whistleblowing. The Emotional Impact of Whistleblowing Whistleblowing alters your professional landscape[…] Read More

What Are the Essentials of an Employee Contract?

Understanding the essentials of an employee contract¬†is essential for employees and employers. Yours should provide clarity and assurance regarding the terms of employment for both parties, outlining rights and responsibilities. Managing the fine print of these contracts can be intimidating, however. An employee or employer may want to pursue legal action when these contracts are incorrectly written or misunderstood. That is why we stress the importance of writing employee contracts correctly the first time and reviewing and revising them as[…] Read More