What is Workplace Retaliation?

As an employee, you have the right to speak up when you see or experience discrimination, harassment or other illegal activity in your workplace. Unfortunately, there is a chance that your employer might retaliate.

Workplace retaliation occurs when an employer takes negative action against an employee for his or her involvement in an activity that is protected by state or federal law. Workplace retaliation is not legal. However, many employees are not aware of the protections they have after being involved in qualifying activities.

What are some protected activities?

Examples of legally protected activities include reporting discrimination, harassment or illegal employer activities. Also, protected activities do not just include reporting. Protected activities also include participating in an investigation or lawsuit against the employer and taking maternal leave or leave to care for a family member.

What actions may be considered retaliation?

Sometimes workplace retaliation may seem obvious. For example, an employee being fired is one possible act of retaliation. Acts of retaliation can also include reducing the employee’s pay or demoting the employee.

However, retaliation can also be subtle. Retaliation may mean that the employee is switched to a less desirable job shift, suddenly begins receiving negative reviews, is passed up for a promotion or is excluded from meetings he or she would usually have been involved in.

You should be able to take action against workplace discrimination or take maternal or family care leave without worrying that your employer will retaliate. It may be appropriate to seek justice if you believe you are experiencing workplace retaliation for your involvement in a protected activity. Every employee should be able to exercise his or her rights without fear.

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