Is There Gender Discrimination Against Men in the Childcare Field?

Gender discrimination can take on many forms, including preferential treatment for one gender over another, negative treatment based on gender, or even sexual harassment. Put simply, it is the act of treating someone differently based solely on their gender. Discriminatory treatment in the workplace is an important issue, but the question of gender discrimination often begins even before an employee is hired. Refusal to hire someone based on gender is a form of discrimination, however, some workplaces have a disproportionate number of employees of one gender and it may not qualify as discrimination. When it comes to the childcare industry, there is a notable difference in the number of female to male employees.

What is a Gender Gap?

The gender gap refers to a notable difference between genders in terms of opportunities, jobs, pay, etc. For example, if there is a factory that has 100 employees and 80 of them are male, this represents a significant gap between the number of males and females employed. This disparity is very clear; however, it does not necessarily represent discrimination. An employer who primarily receives male applicants will likely have primarily male employees. This does not mean that discrimination is not an issue. If a particular field is largely employed by one gender, some employers may think of it as a gender-based job and could consciously or subconsciously discriminate against applicants who do not fall into this majority. Gender gaps resulting from discriminatory hiring is a legal issue that should not be ignored.   

Is There a Gender Gap in the Childcare Field?

The childcare field is largely populated by female staff. It is much less common to see male teachers and caregivers in a childcare setting. According to Census statistics, 92.3 percent of childcare workers are female. There are multiple factors and considerations when analyzing this disparity. Many parents are surprised when they see a male working in a childcare facility, and some indicate that they feel more comfortable leaving their children in the hands of women rather than men. Looking at this, social norms clearly play a role in how male childcare workers are viewed. This could have an impact on the numbers of male applicants and potentially on the way employers approach the hiring process.   

The numbers of men in childcare positions reflect cultural issues but can also be a form of discrimination. While it is statistically more common for women to hold these types of positions, an employer who makes hiring decisions based on gender can find themselves in legal trouble. The New Jersey Law Against Discrimination (NJLAD) prohibits workplace discrimination based on race, gender, and sexual orientation, among others. It is important for employers to understand the law and for employees to understand their rights when it comes to fair employment.    

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