AARP Study Shows Nearly Two Out of Three Women Face Workplace Discrimination

According to a recent survey conducted by the AARP, almost two-thirds of women who are over the age of 50 years old experience some form of discrimination on a regular basis. The study consisted of AARP surveying 6,643 women of various ages, ethnicities, educational backgrounds, and work experience. The women reported a range of discrimination based upon their age, ethnicity, race, weight, gender, and social class.

The women reported that the most common cause of discrimination was based upon their age. Ageism was reported by 48 percent of the women in the survey, making it the most common form of discrimination. Almost all of the people that reported age discrimination are 50 years old or older.

Out of this age group, African American women have the highest rate of encountering discrimination, with 70 percent of them reporting being subjected to some form of discrimination on a regular basis. Latinas 50 years old and up are the second largest group, with 60 percent of them encountering discrimination on a regular basis.

Mental Toll Caused by Workplace Discrimination

The AARP survey also asked questions to the study’s participants about the mental effects of workplace discrimination. The survey demonstrates that there is a direct link between being regularly subjected to employment discrimination and increased rates of stress, depression, and anxiety. One of the most severe impacts on participants’ mental health is discrimination based upon a woman’s weight.

What Are Signs of Discrimination?

Common signs you might be experiencing discrimination at work include:

  • Demotion to a lower position.
  • Unjustly not given promotion.
  • Negative employment evaluations.
  • Reduced work hours.
  • Verbal and physical harassment.
  • Reduced salary.
  • Encountering inappropriate sexual statements.
  • Being subjected to unwanted sexual advances or being requested to perform sexual favors.
  • Being misgendered or referred to by a name that you do not use.

There are many ways that an employer or supervisor can make the work environment hostile. A supervisor could make coming to work difficult for an employee by making negative statements, verbally abusing the employee, all based upon the employee’s age or sex or another protected class.

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