Industries Where Whistleblowers are Most Common

Encountering wrongdoing or fraudulent practices in the workplace can happen in any industry and with many types of companies. When there is a way to cut corners or do illegal acts to save money, make money or help the bottom line, there are people and companies willing to take the chance. However, there are some industries where whistleblowers may have more opportunities to call out improper acts.

Health care

There has been a high volume of fraudulent practices and accusations against different aspects of the health care industry for decades. The biggest area in the health care industry that has encountered whistleblowers is the pharmaceutical companies. The drugs that are produced by these companies are big business, generating billions of dollars around the world. When so much money is at stake, it is ripe for fraud and illegal activities to be pointed out. Besides the pharmaceutical area of health care, common areas of fraud that whistleblowers often see include:

  • Unnecessary medical procedures to collect reimbursement from insurance
  • Over billing or adding to a bill for work that was not performed
  • Billing for a host of tests when one test was sufficient
  • Billing for brand drugs when generics were used
  • Prescribing medicine or recommending treatment to receive money, benefits or kickbacks from certain entities.

Military contracts

Contractors are often getting a whistle blown at them for fraudulent dealings with military contracts. This may be because the contractors see the government as a big machine where they can submit exaggerated billing information or deliver sub-standard work without the work being overseen properly.


Litigation on behalf of whistleblowers has come from fraud found in universities where faculty members have inflated their work hours on projects that are funded from grants. There have also been situations where for-profit schools will misrepresent graduation statistics or job placement data to secure funding from the government.

These are just a very few of the common industries where someone can see fraud or mis-representation going on that can either show favorability or provide financial gain to companies. If you have seen actions that you believe are illegal or improper at your workplace, you should consult with an experienced Mt. Laurel whistleblower lawyer at The Law Offices of Leo B. Dubler, III, LLC who can work with and represent you with your claim. Call us today at 856-235-7075 or contact us online.