When Should I Speak to an Employment Lawyer?

When a person believes that they have been wrongfully terminated from their job or they are being held back because of their race, gender, or other non-work-related issue, a qualified lawyer specializing in employment law can help. They will represent the wronged party in any matter going forward.

Just because a person hires a lawyer, it does not automatically mean that a lawsuit is inevitable. A lawyer can help file a formal complaint with the company or with an outside agency. They can also negotiate with the company to arrive at a suitable compensation package for the victim, which could include a monetary settlement, reinstatement, or promises of policy changes at the company.

What is an Employment Lawyer?

There are two types of employment lawyers. The first represents employees who have been wronged by their employer. These are known as employment discrimination lawyers, employment rights lawyers, or federal employment lawyers. The other type is a management lawyer, who represents the employer or the company.

An employment lawyer represents the interests of their client when interacting with the employer or a government agency. It is the lawyer’s job to ensure that the rights of the person are represented. The lawyer serves as a guide for an employee as they weigh their legal options after an incident.

A lawyer lets the client know their options and the likelihood of success at each stage of the process. The lawyers know the law and will have a good handle on what violations for which a victim might be able to pursue a case. Finally, a lawyer will ensure that the person completes each step properly and that their rights are always protected.

What Areas of Law Do Employment Lawyers Address?

There are several employment-related topics that an employment lawyer can address. Those clients who believe that their issue falls into one of these categories should contact an employment lawyer for assistance. Those areas include the following:

Those who face other problems with work should also contact an employment lawyer to determine whether there might be a legal case for their problem. If so, a lawyer will help a victim file a grievance with the company.

If that should fail, there are government agencies such as the New Jersey Division on Civil Rights within the Office of the Attorney General at the state level. Protections in New Jersey include the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination (NJLAD) and the New Jersey Family Leave Act (NJFLA). At the federal level, the

U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is an option.

How Soon Should I Contact a Lawyer?

For the most part, a person may not need to get in touch with a lawyer until they are ready to file a formal complaint at work or potentially beyond that when the need arises to take the matter to court.

However, there are instances when it makes sense for a person to hire an employment lawyer right away. In most of these instances, the immediacy is due to the concern that a situation could get worse. Those situations include the following scenarios:

  • There are concerns about workplace treatment or the legality of a termination or layoff.
  • A person is contemplating resigning over an employer’s unlawful conduct.
  • Severance negotiations with employer are not going anywhere.
  • A person does not understand their rights or are unsure of the proper action to take after a termination.
  • A person is reaching the end of their statute of limitations or deadline for filing a lawsuit and is still unsure of how or where to file a claim.
  • A person is receiving pressure to sign a complicated and lengthy release of claims that is difficult to understand.
  • A person wants to file a lawsuit in state or federal court.
  • There are other employees who want to bring the same type of claim against the same employer.
  • There is dissatisfaction with a governmental agency’s investigation of a complaint.
  • There is powerful evidence that a termination was illegal.

Even if a person does not hire a lawyer immediately, it is imperative that they document any actions that take place that will be important in a case later. If a person believes that there is any illegal activity going on or they are the victim of sexual harassment, they should take meticulous notes so that they can present them as evidence later.

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