How Can Job Applicants Fight Resume Ageism?

Older jobseekers often worry that their age will hold them back in the job market. Although it is illegal for employers to engage in age discrimination against job applicants, it still happens. Therefore, how can a mature job hunter go about downplaying their age to score their next great professional opportunity? This discussion provides some tips to use in your job search to get your target employer interested in your qualifications and not distracted by concerns about your age. What[…] Read More

What Are the Signs of a Hostile Work Environment?

Enduring the demoralizing strain of a hostile work environment can be unmistakably harmful to employees. Yet the legal definition of a hostile work environment may be difficult to interpret, making victims of workplace discrimination and harassment unable to take action against unfair or unwelcome on-the-job treatment. This discussion explains the official definition of a hostile work environment as well as some useful indicators to help you to determine if your stressful work situation meets the standard of being considered a[…] Read More

How Should Employees Fight Weight Discrimination at Work?

Obesity in America affects workers in every industry. In fact, more than a quarter of workers in the United States are considered obese. Still, the ubiquity of the problem does nothing to provide solace to individual workers who suffer from certain negative attitudes and hurtful opinions that influence workplace discrimination on the basis of their weight. When people endure harsh and unfair treatment that singles them out as a result of their size, it seems cruel to find that federal[…] Read More

How Can Deaf Job Applicants and Employees Fight Discrimination?

Deaf and hard of hearing workers constitute one of many classes of workers that are protected by anti-discrimination rules established under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The legislation ensures the civil rights of Americans regardless of their disability. The purpose of the ADA is to allow people with disabilities to be able to participate in society without restrictions imposed on their rights because of their disabled status. Although the ADA does not list all specific impairments covered by the[…] Read More

What are Signs of Pregnancy Discrimination at Work?

Expecting mothers must do a lot of preparation, but nothing can prepare them for pregnancy discrimination in the workplace.  This type of discrimination occurs when a worker is adversely affected based solely on the condition of their pregnancy, intention to be pregnant, or any health issues before or after their pregnancy.  Congress added a Pregnancy Discrimination Act to the Civil Rights Act of 1964, giving pregnant people protection from discriminatory acts, and pregnant employees should be treated the same as[…] Read More