What Should I Know About Employer Background Checks?

Background checks are common among employers looking to hire a new employee. However, most applicants may not understand the basics of a background check. They do not know what the employer is checking or how deeply a background check can dig into a job candidate‚Äôs past. There are legal limits to what an employer can check, and they can only use them a certain way to eliminate a candidate from consideration.   What are the Common Types of Background Checks?[…] Read More

What are a Company’s Legal Obligations to Employees Concerning COVID-19?

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) has caused many workplaces to re-evaluate their overall safety and prioritize the health of their employees. The rapid spread of the virus has led to increased workplace safety rules and the implementation of new legal obligations for employers. Due to the changing laws, many businesses are constantly questioning their legal risk when it comes to their obligation to their employees. Employers are expected to follow pre-existing state and federal worker protection and labor laws, as well as[…] Read More

What Happens to My Unused Vacation Time?

Employers are required to satisfy several laws regarding their employees on a variety of issues. Examples include paying fair wages, meeting safety and health codes, and providing a workplace free from discrimination. Yet, there is no federal law mandating employers provide their employees with paid vacation time or entitlement to the cash value of unused leave. This issue arises when an employee quits, is laid off, or is terminated. Lately, this issue may also arise due to the COVID-19 pandemic,[…] Read More