Can Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Occur at a Halloween Work Party?

Workplace Halloween parties are meant to provide an opportunity for employees to dress up and socialize in a fun and festive environment. Unfortunately, Halloween parties can also be sources of discrimination and sexual harassment. Sexual harassment can be directed at both men and women. However, women are more frequently targeted during office social events, such as a Halloween party, particularly if alcohol is served. Common factors that can lead to sexual harassment or discrimination complaints include: Alcohol consumption: The presence[…] Read More

What Laws Protect LGBT Workers? 

Discrimination is prejudice or illegal treatment directed toward people based on their protected class. Discrimination is also perpetually changing, following shifts in culture and societal norms.  People who perhaps frequently experience discrimination in the workplace these days are those who belong to the LGBT community. With more people openly identifying as a member of the LGBT community, LGBT discrimination at work has become a serious issue that deserves attention.  All employees in the workforce deserve to be judged or evaluated[…] Read More

What Is a Glass Ceiling in the Workplace?

A glass ceiling is a way of describing limits put upon certain people in a workplace. For example, historically, women in the workforce dealt with “glass ceilings” in many male-dominated industries, such as finance, manufacturing, and health care. They were unable to be promoted to higher positions. Indicators of workplace glass ceilings can be very obvious as well as subtle. For example, an employer may continuously promote white males to all executive positions, while women might be lower-level team leaders.[…] Read More

How Can Job Applicants Fight Resume Ageism?

Older jobseekers often worry that their age will hold them back in the job market. Although it is illegal for employers to engage in age discrimination against job applicants, it still happens. Therefore, how can a mature job hunter go about downplaying their age to score their next great professional opportunity? This discussion provides some tips to use in your job search to get your target employer interested in your qualifications and not distracted by concerns about your age. What[…] Read More

What Are the Signs of a Hostile Work Environment?

Enduring the demoralizing strain of a hostile work environment can be unmistakably harmful to employees. Yet the legal definition of a hostile work environment may be difficult to interpret, making victims of workplace discrimination and harassment unable to take action against unfair or unwelcome on-the-job treatment. This discussion explains the official definition of a hostile work environment as well as some useful indicators to help you to determine if your stressful work situation meets the standard of being considered a[…] Read More