Navigating Religious Beliefs in the Workplace

In New Jersey, diverse religious practices are as common as they are varied. However, when these practices spill over into the workplace, it can become a complex terrain. Recognizing discrimination when it happens, understanding your rights, and knowing how to enforce them are crucial to fostering a respectful work environment. What Is Workplace Religious Discrimination? Workplace religious discrimination occurs when an employee or potential employee is treated unfavorably because of religious beliefs. Discrimination can range from overt acts to subtle[…] Read More

What Are the Different Types of Religious Discrimination?

Religious discrimination is an unsettling reality that many individuals face in their day-to-day lives. Despite advancements in societal norms and increased awareness about diversity and inclusion, religious discrimination persists in various forms, including in professional environments. There are many different forms of religious discrimination. Direct religious discrimination occurs when an individual is treated less favorably due to religious beliefs. This form of discrimination is blatant and easy to identify: Indirect religious discrimination happens when a seemingly neutral policy disproportionately impacts[…] Read More

How can Employees Prove Discrimination at Work?

Proving discrimination at work can be difficult, especially if an employer denies a discrimination case or if the evidence is not strong enough to make a valid complaint. Employment discrimination is, unfortunately, very common and many workers get mistreated by their co-workers and employers regularly while at work. For those who experienced discrimination, there are a few steps to take to prove a case. Discrimination occurs when a worker is treated differently or less favorably than other employees. Employment discrimination[…] Read More

Is Weight Discrimination an Issue in the Workplace?

Discrimination of any kind should not be acceptable in the workplace. However, weight discrimination may often be hard to pinpoint. If an employer or co-worker ever manages to go too far, workers need to understand what to do. Weight discrimination could occur at any time, but discrimination based on weight is not illegal in New Jersey. Many workers in America are overweight or obese, and weight discrimination could occur simply because a majority of people in the workplace could be[…] Read More

Denying Paid Leave for Religious Holidays

For some individuals, practicing their religious faith can cause conflicts with their work schedule. To observe certain religious holidays or a weekly Sabbath day, a worker may need to request a day off from work or otherwise modify their work schedule. Some employees are denied paid leave in these circumstances. Reasonable Accommodations Both federal and state anti-discrimination laws, including the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination, prohibit discrimination on the basis of one’s religion. Under these statutes, employers must make “reasonable”[…] Read More