What Laws Protect LGBT Workers? 

Discrimination is prejudice or illegal treatment directed toward people based on their protected class. Discrimination is also perpetually changing, following shifts in culture and societal norms.  People who perhaps frequently experience discrimination in the workplace these days are those who belong to the LGBT community. With more people openly identifying as a member of the LGBT community, LGBT discrimination at work has become a serious issue that deserves attention.  All employees in the workforce deserve to be judged or evaluated[…] Read More

LGBTQ Protection at the Workplace

In a perfect world, everyone would be treated fairly, but unfortunately, that is not the case. Although federal law makes it illegal for employers to discriminate against current or potential employees based on gender, race, religious beliefs, and other characteristics, laws regarding LGBTQ discrimination are left to each individual state. While LGBTQ workers in New Jersey are protected under the state’s Law Against Discrimination, this class of employees is not fully protected from discrimination in the workplace in every state.[…] Read More