What Employment Issues Can Businesses Face When Reopening?

Months have passed since the first cases of COVID-19 were detected in the U.S. Employers must carefully balance the need to reopen businesses with regard for employment, anti-discrimination, and occupational safety and health laws. In this challenging time, employment issues may arise. The following shows how employers can protect their employees during this difficult time. Laws Against Discrimination Employers are required to provide a workplace free of discrimination for those in a protected class. In New Jersey, discrimination on the[…] Read More

Can Employers Discriminate Against Physical Appearance?

Emphasis on one’s physical appearance is very common in society today. Employers often make employment decisions based on the interviewee’s physical appearance. When getting ready for an interview, job search counselors advise candidates on proper grooming and attire. However, employers may be liable if their employment decisions or workplace policies regarding expectations for physical appearance are discriminatory.   Generally, employers are not banned from making hiring decisions based on a candidate’s physical appearance. However, employers cannot make hiring decisions based on appearance that is[…] Read More