LiveCareer Study Shows Age Discrimination Is Still Prevalent in the Workplace

A recent LiveCareer study reports that age discrimination is still widespread in the workplace despite diversity efforts and equal opportunity rights. Under the Equal Opportunity Act, all workers have the guaranteed right against discrimination based on race, ethnicity, disability, national origin, religion, gender, and sexual orientation. Age is frequently not included in many workplace policies. The American workforce is getting older and retaining jobs longer. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that the average age of a worker[…] Read More

AARP Study Shows Nearly Two Out of Three Women Face Workplace Discrimination

According to a recent survey conducted by the AARP, almost two-thirds of women who are over the age of 50 years old experience some form of discrimination on a regular basis. The study consisted of AARP surveying 6,643 women of various ages, ethnicities, educational backgrounds, and work experience. The women reported a range of discrimination based upon their age, ethnicity, race, weight, gender, and social class. The women reported that the most common cause of discrimination was based upon their[…] Read More

How Can Job Applicants Fight Resume Ageism?

Older jobseekers often worry that their age will hold them back in the job market. Although it is illegal for employers to engage in age discrimination against job applicants, it still happens. Therefore, how can a mature job hunter go about downplaying their age to score their next great professional opportunity? This discussion provides some tips to use in your job search to get your target employer interested in your qualifications and not distracted by concerns about your age. What[…] Read More

Is There an Age Gap in the Workplace?

Most workplaces are a mix of people with different personalities, professional strengths, and career and life experiences. Many workplaces also have workers from a variety of generations working together. Older and younger employees working together can be good for business, but it also has the potential to cause problems when co-workers from different backgrounds do not see things eye to eye. In business settings that involve teams of workers from different generations, the resulting age gap can become a problem[…] Read More

Is It Difficult to Prove Age Discrimination?

Age discrimination or ageism is the unfair treatment of someone based on the person’s age. Age discrimination becomes a workplace issue when employees are unable to thrive in their work environment because of the prejudice of those around them. Although there are state and federal laws created to protect employees against these inequities, the claims process can still be quite difficult. The evidence must show that the unfavorable treatment specifically occurred because of the client’s age. When facing age discrimination[…] Read More