Are Workers in the Service Industry More Vulnerable to Sexual Harassment?

In many cases, sexual harassment involves a power imbalance. This is especially evident in the service industry. The nature of the service industry puts workers in a deferential position that strips them of power. The power imbalance between a waitress and customer, for example, can make the waitress feel the need to endure mistreatment to keep the customer happy, especially if her income is dependent on tips. Service workers in retail and hospitality often find the same dynamics at play.[…] Read More

How Do I Report Sexual Harassment if I Cannot Go to My Boss?

Sexual harassment is all too common in work environments. Customers make rude comments. Co-workers get a little too comfortable discussing certain topics. People in positions of power can make inappropriate requests that feel tied to work consequences or opportunities for career advancement. These situations are all examples of workplace sexual harassment, but the instances that feel the most threatening often involve the harasser taking advantage of their position or influence to pressure their victim into accepting the harassment. This is[…] Read More

What Are the Signs of a Hostile Work Environment?

Enduring the demoralizing strain of a hostile work environment can be unmistakably harmful to employees. Yet the legal definition of a hostile work environment may be difficult to interpret, making victims of workplace discrimination and harassment unable to take action against unfair or unwelcome on-the-job treatment. This discussion explains the official definition of a hostile work environment as well as some useful indicators to help you to determine if your stressful work situation meets the standard of being considered a[…] Read More

How Pervasive Is Sexual Harassment of Health Care Workers?

According to a report that appears on, more than half of female nurses, doctors, and students report being the victim of sexual harassment in the workplace. Male health care workers are affected by inappropriate behavior as well, though to a lesser degree. What Is Sexual Harassment? Workplace sexual harassment is unwelcome attention or behavior that targets someone on the basis of their gender or that inhibits them from doing their job. The conduct may include making sexual advances or[…] Read More

Why Does Workplace Sexual Harassment Often Go Unreported?

Researchers at the University of Massachusetts estimate that approximately five million people experience sexual harassment on the job every year. Despite the pervasiveness of this abhorrent treatment, most sexual harassment victims do not report the harmful behavior. The reasons behind why victims decline to report the harassment are many, but there are actions employers must make to address the issue before it becomes a problem and to deal with instances of harassment when they do occur. What Constitutes Sexual Harassment[…] Read More